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Australia Day Events 2015 Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

Australia Day 2015 Events

This time Australia Day has a long weekend in 2015, we have published some of the Australia Day 2015 events which will be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. With three days of holiday people can celebrate and enjoy to the maximum. Australia Day 2015 is a public holiday and will be celebrated in huge style Gold Coast, Newcastle, ...

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Australia Day 2015 Long Weekend, Dates, Best Suggestions

Australia Day 2015

Australia Day Long weekend 2015 has finally arrived from 24th to 26th of January 2015. Australia Day 2015 falls on Monday, that means this year it will be a long weekend for people as Monday will be the public (national) holiday. Best suggestion is that you can plan something bigger and better for this year’s Australia Day as you have ...

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ACT Public Holidays 2015 – School, Government, National

Australian Capital Territory Public Holidays 2015

We have listed ACT public holidays 2015. ACT stands for Australian Capital Territory and there are around 12 holidays in the year 2015. The holidays include national public holidays which are allotted for school by Government of Australia. The holidays start with new year on first January 2015 and and with Boxing Day on 26th of December 2015. The month ...

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Best Boxing Day Sales / Deals Online 2014 Australia

Boxing Day Sales 2014 Australia

Boxing Day is celebrated the day following Christmas Day 2014, i.e. 26th December 2014 and on that day huge sales and online deals will be there for purchase. Many companies slash price of that day, this is similar to the black Friday sales in United States of America. All the stores in Australia will open on 5 AM morning on ...

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Lindt Cafe, Martin Place Live Video, Photo: Sydney Siege News

In Lindt Cafe, Martin Place, Sydney some of the customers and workers are believed to have been taken hostage by one or more people according to the sources. This incident happened today morning around 10 AM, people nearby are in panic, the police force have arrived and surrounded the Lindt chocolate cafe. There may be around 10 to 15 people ...

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Compare Best Types of Cheap House Insurance Australia

House Insurances in Australia

If you have brought a new house or commercial property in Australia, then insurance coverage is a must now a days. There are many insurance types for home as well as your commercial property, but we will discuss only major types of insurance which you must select for your home. You can compare these insurances and select the best matching ...

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How To Save Money Fast Australia – Car, House, Holiday, Teen

How To Save Money Fast Australia

In Australia there are many ways to save money fast for your new car, house or for a holiday. You can use these methods if you are teen also. Read through this article to know about 5 simple but effective ways to save money. These ways that I am going to tell you are relatively easy and you can incorporate ...

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How to Make Money Online Fast from Home in Australia

Know how to make money online from Australia

Making money online fast from home in Australia is one of the toughest part if you don’t know, and it is one of the easiest part if you do in right way. We will explain four different ways to make money online that will fetch you profit with low investment. Making money online has been simplified and there are enormous opportunities ...

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Upcoming Public Holidays in Australia 2014 WA, SA, QLD, NSW

Next Public Holidays in Australia in 2014

We have listed upcoming public holidays in Australia for remaining months of the year 2014, i.e. for August, September, October, November and December. Some of the holidays are specific to some areas (like WA, SA, QLD, NSW, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania and NT) so we have listed them also according to the government of Australia. Once this year is completed we ...

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Happy Friendship Day 2014 Australia Date, Quotes, Gift Ideas

Happy Friendship Day 2014 Australia

Friendship Day is celebrated internationally and in Australia too its celebrated with text messages, gifts, greeting cards, phone calls, online messages and other ways. Friends meet each other on that day and organize many events to ave fun, people will also tie friendship band (a colorful small ring shaped wrist band) to their friends on this special day for a ...

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