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Android Basics for Australian Developers / Beginners

A mobile phone operating system that has been made use of in phones, tablets as well as players is none other than Android. Android is one such operating system that is led by Google. A large number of individuals in Australia are seen making use of Android phones as well as tablets due to the good deal of features that they come complete with. After all who would like to miss on those fantastic applications some of which are available absolutely free of cost. The problem here is that though Android happens to be a sophisticated operating system there is one such lot of people that is totally unaware about some of the exclusive features as well as phones that are based on this OS. Hence, the need of the hour is to make sure that every beginners are made well aware about the complete functionality of Android as well as Android based devices that they are using at this point of time or will be using in the near future. In this article, we will be sharing some tips that need to be essentially taken into consideration by all Australian Android beginners at large.

Tips for Australian Android Developers

For all you people in Australia who are yet to decide on which Android device to buy let me tell you that at an initial level it is desirable to go for a basic device. However, it is of equal importance for you to figure out that one sole feature of more ever the cherry on the cake that you are looking forward to experience. For example, if you are a person who is looking out for unprecedented level of personalization in your Android device then it is crucial for you to find out devices that fall under this category and finally settle down for one out of the lot. Apart from this, since beginners would be fresh users of this operating system it is desirable to opt for one such device that has been in the market for a fairly good amount of time say for about few months. This is important from so as to be able to enjoy maximum benefits. The fact is that when a device is comparatively older the manufacturers as well as the developers have fairly better knowledge about the same and the chances of them providing a number of interesting offerings in case of such devices is somewhat high.

Some of the people live with the thinking that any product that has maximum acceptance and following is the best product and thus believe in joining the gang. These kind of people would prefer to settle down for an Android device that enjoys a good amount of popularity. Hence, this can be yet another parameter to be taken into consideration. If you are a person who desires to go ahead with this element, then in that case it is ideal to opt for either HTC or Motorola models. Apart from this, if you are a person who would like to settle for entry level devices from some of the trusted brands can opt for the LG or Sony Ericson models in Australia. If you are an individual who is hoping to get hold of an Android device in the near future, then it is advisable for you to glance through the above mentioned different aspects and go for the one that best defines you and your interests.

Guidelines for Australian Android Developers

Android is a mobile phone operating system that is led by Google. The best part about Android is that it is an interactive platform. With Android, users get the opportunity of exploring the Google Play Store from where they can download a number of paid as well as unpaid applications. The good news doesn’t end here. Moreover, Android users even enjoy the liberty of coming up with their very own applications. This particular freedom that is rested on individuals has given rise to the concept of Android developers. Any one of us in Australia can hire an Android developer to come up with applications or even modify the existing applications for that matter. The only prerequisite here is to develop some essential skills among oneself and you will be able to begin your journey as an Android developer. However, in order to be a successful Android developer there are certain guidelines that need to be followed by you. This article will help bring into limelight these vital guidelines.

First and foremost it is absolutely essential for the Australian Android developer to come up with quality applications. Similarly, introducing properly coded applications is also of equal importance in order to take care of the security parameter. Above all in order to be a successful Android developer you need to be well-versed with the latest technologies, programming languages and so also the frameworks. A state-of-the-art knowledge about the same will help you come up with a successful application. Once these parameters are clear in your mind it is crucial that you begin with your planning. It is highly important for you to spend a considerable amount of time and give an in-depth thought on the development approach that you would like to adopt. Most importantly, carrying out a market research in the form of a survey can also be of great help to you in order to understand the likes and dislikes of the masses at large. Based upon the likes and dislikes of the individuals and so also the idea that you are planning to implement you that zero down on your target audience. This area is highly critical because if your application doesn’t lift up the interest level of your audience then your application will be a major flop.

Secondly, it is advisable for you to make use of an average number of features in your application. If you end up adding loads of features in the same application it will end up giving a push to the complexity level of your application. A complex application would be difficult to interpret as well as use and thus individuals might not pay heed to the same. Yet again you also need to take into consideration the memory parameter before introducing your application. It is essential that your application doesn’t eat up much of the your device’s memory. Similarly, it is crucial for your application to use as little battery power as possible. So if you are a first time Android developer in Australia or an individual who has already developed applications, but they have failed to leave a mark then in that case it is time for you to focus attention on the above mentioned tips.