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Android vs iOS Market Share Australia 2015 – Pros and Cons

As you all must be aware both Android as well as iOS happen to be two of the most prominent mobile phone operating systems in Australia. From the last few years till 2015 there are been a heavy debate on whether Android or iOS is a superior mobile phone operating system. For all you Australian people who are unaware let me tell you that Android happens to be a Google led operating system, while on the other hand iOS is developed by Apple. In year 2015 we can find a good deal of Android as well as iOS based smartphones and tablets in the Australian market. In this article, we will be highlighting the market share, the pros and cons of both Android as well as iOS that can help you decide for yourself which out of the two above stated operating systems would do justice to your needs.

Android vs iOS Australia

Android vs iOS Market Share 2015 Australia

Android = 58 % (2012), 55 % (2013), 54 % (2014), 57 % (2015)

iOS = 35 % (2012), 36 % (2013), 34 % (2014), 35 % (2015)

Android vs iOS Pros and Cons

A vital point of differentiation between these two operating systems is that Android happens to be an open source system, while on the other hand iOS is considered to be a closed system. Since Android is an open source operating system a large number of manufacturers enjoy the freedom of making use of the same in the mobile phones that they plan to manufacture. However, this is not the case with iOS. The use of iOS software is limited to the iPhones and thus other manufacturers are not in a position to adopt the same. Apart from this, another difference between the two is that with Android users enjoy the liberty of developing their very own Android games and applications and uploading the same in the Android market without having to go under a scanner. However, on the other hand though iOS allows users to develop their apps they need to go for a number of checks before finally uploading the same in the app store. We can have two conflicting views in this regard. Some people would opt for Android taking into consideration the greater control that they can exercise on their devices. However, on the other hand there might be another lot of people who would go for iOS taking into consideration consistency in quality and high degree of application security that they might not see in Android.

There are some Android users who have been complaining that Android devices eat up a lot of the battery power. This problem has not surfaced in case of Apple’s iOS. Apart from this,a slight difference can be witnessed in the user interfaces of Android and iOS. As far as this area is concerned iOS comes out as a clear winner since its user interface looks a bit more classy and so also comes complete with a good degree of flexibility. In addition, as far as the hardware components are concerned both Android as well as iOS can be considered as equally efficient. However, the hardware components of Apple’s iOS are charged on the higher side as compared to Android and thus not every user would be happy with Apple’s extra charges. Hence, at the end whether to opt for Android or iOS depends totally depends upon a person’s individual needs and requirements in Australia.

Android vs iOS Comparison Videos

Popular Android devices in Australia are Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3, LG G3 and OnePlus One where as popular iOS devices in Australia are iPhone 6, iPhone6 plus, iPhone 5C and 5S. In year 2015 Android released their new OS version called Android 5.0 Lollipop and Apple are about to release their latest OS version iOS 9.