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Top 10 Best Web Hosting Service – Australia Server Location

Domain and web hosting are basic requirements if you want to start a website in Australia for your business or for any other purpose. Domain purchase doesn’t matter you that much because you can buy them anywhere and they are not that important when it comes to ranking (SEO) a site in search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Its the web hosting which is important unit of your website and the highest investment to be made to start a website. So you should choose the web hosting companies carefully so that you are not troubled in the future. There are three types of web hosting –

  1. Shared Web Hosting (for small sites with less number of visitors)
  2. VPS Web Hosting (for medium sites for average traffic)
  3. Dedicated Web Hosting (for heavy websites which have large traffic daily)

Most of the businesses will only require shared hosting and note that people prefer local and reliable web hosting for their business, so we will be discussing what are the requirements of a shared hosting which makes it an awesome web hosting company in Australia.

Web Hosting Services Australia

Web Hosting Services Australia

Good Web Hosting Requirements for Australian Websites

  • There should be large number of customers already
  • Highest turnover per year, which means trusted by many people
  • Reliability should be best
  • Best gaming services so that we can have online gaming website
  • Lowest latency time, so if servers are located in Australia, its better
  • Should have cPanel, Plesk and options
  • Answers the phone calls or emails as soon as possible (support)
  • Number of years the company is in the business
  • What type of customers / websites they allow
  • Do they provide insurance on their web hosting
  • Do they have own infrastructure
  • Lowest price in the market, if not at least competitive
  • Good local support which gives us timely and helpful answers
  • Stable and secure servers so that our websites are safe from hacking
  • Not packed too many websites on a single server
  • Does regular backups, mostly twice or once in a week
  • Financially stable and not going to disappear or stop service anytime they want

If your business is located in Australia, then you need a web hosting whose servers are located in Australia itself so that the latency time is as low as possible, also the support will be good if you choose a local host. So, we have listed top ten web hosting companies in Australia below.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Service Australia

  1. Net Registry – http://www.netregistry.com.au/
  2. Melbourne IT – http://www.melbourneit.com.au
  3. Ventra IP Hosting – https://ventraip.com.au/
  4. Digital Pacific – http://www.digitalpacific.com.au/
  5. Uber Hosting – http://www.uber.com.au/
  6. Anchor Hosting – http://www.anchor.com.au/
  7. Crucial Hosting – http://www.crucial.com.au/
  8. Web city – https://webcity.com.au/
  9. Quadra Hosting – http://www.quadrahosting.com.au/
  10. Panthur Hosting – http://www.panthur.com.au/

Additional Web Hosting Services with Australia Server Location

  1. Host Papa – http://www.hostpapa.com.au/
  2. Web Central – http://www.webcentral.com.au/
  3. Bullet Proof Hosting – http://www.bulletproof.net.au/
  4. Domain Shield – http://www.domainshield.com.au/

These were some of the best web hosting companies in Australia, if we have missed some company, please suggest them via comments, than you.