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How To Develop Android Apps and Games Online in Australia

If you are from Australia and want to develop Android apps and games then you are at right place. In this post we will give you basic details about developing Android applications for beginners,  we have also posted some of the online video tutorials also, you can watch them too.

Android is one such Linux-based mobile phone operating system that is being used in a number of smartphones, tablets and players in recent times in Australia. As we all know Android is huge hit among all its users mainly because of the vast assortment of applications that it makes available through the Android market Australia. The best part about the Android market is that Android being an open source operating system it allows Android users at large to develop applications on their own and make them available in the Android market for other users to download. The main reason why most of the individuals in Australia are seen opting for Android is in order to try out their hands on writing new Android applications.

Develop Android Apps and Games Online in Australia

In today’s date, there are a large number of Australian people who are seen making use of Android based devices. One main reason that has contributed to this scenario are the good deal of applications that are made available by Android through the Android market for the smartphone users in Australia. Games happen to be one such vital part of these applications that are downloaded by a number of people. The best part about these games is that there are both paid as well as unpaid games available. You can download a game after going through its description and reviews. On the other hand you can even develop your own games and upload the same in the Android market. The good news here is that if you are an Android user then in that case you can begin right away.

How to develop Android Apps in Australia (Online Tutorial)

In this section, we will discuss the prerequisites that can assist Android users in coming up with their very own applications. On a primary level, it is advisable to read and remember as much as possible as far as Android applications are concerned. You can begin from buying a book that acts as a guide for Android application development. Secondly, you can also consider going through a number of videos that can help you understand the approach that needs to be undertaken for the sake of Android apps development. Last but not the least are the online forums of Australia. A large number of online forums can rightly mentor you and at the same time provide you with the much sought after Android application development tips. The above mentioned reference points can help you get a theoretical view of Android apps development. However, in order to be successful with Android apps development practical knowledge is of equal importance. Hence, you need to have bang on theoretical as well as practical information is order to be an eminent Android application developer.

As far as the practical area is concerned, it is vital for the Android application development aspirant to have thorough knowledge about the programming languages. As far as this area is concerned an individual can opt for one out of the many approaches. First and foremost approach would be to get oneself acquainted with the programming language by learning the same. Though this activity would require you to spend some money and would take a considerable amount of time, the efforts are sure to be worth it. If this approach doesn’t suit you, then you can consider making use of some or the other online tool that can help you with the programming part. For all you people who are wondering what is the third approach let me tell you that you can outsource your programming needs to a third party. Moreover you can search for a Australian freelancer and get the programming work done from him or her. Once your Android application is ready you can simply get it uploaded in the Android market. You can easily find a large number of Android users who have gone ahead with building their own Android apps. So all you Australian people who are hoping to develop Android apps can now heave a sigh of relief as these tips are sure to guide you. You can also refer these video tutorials to develop and Android app from scratch.

How To Develop Android Game in Australia (Beginners Guide)

In this section, we will be having a discussion on the parameters that need to be taken into consideration in order to come up with your very own exclusive game. Android is one such platform that has a massive fan following in Australia as well as in other countries, a similar situation is witnessed with respect to Android games as well. There are individuals in Australia belonging to different age groups who make use of Android devices. Hence, it is essential for the Android Game Developer to zero down on his or her target audience before introducing any game at large. It is very difficult to come up with a game that appeals to all the age groups. Moreover, individuals belonging to different age groups have diverse likes and preferences and thus before bringing the game into the market it is crucial to focus on these individual needs and requirements. Secondly, you need to decide on the type of game that you would like to come up with. The game can be based on racing, cards, sports or even general board games for that matter. Similarly, the Android game developers also need to figure out whether they will be opting for a two dimensional or three dimensional platform.

Once these broader areas are taken care of the next step would be to focus on the minute details. First and foremost you need to focus attention on the characters. It is always advisable to introduce characters that come complete with unique expressions and gestures. Similarly, a wide range of traits and characteristics can also be introduced with the help of these characters. Secondly, in order to make sure that the game is a success it is desirable to add levels to the game. This will help build the excitement among players who would be eventually seen aiming for the next level. Most importantly, you need to create just the right look of your game. Only when your game has the right look it will be in a position to develop the right spirit and feel among the users. Apart from this, the game that you plan to introduce in the Android market should be compatible with the screen sizes of the Android devices which are mostly used in Australia. However, it is only the ranking that your game enjoys that is responsible for the success of the same. If you are an Australian individual who is planning to develop your own Android game, then in that case make sure that you take into consideration the above mentioned guidelines.

These were the tutorials for Android application and video game development in Australia. You can use Eclipse, Unity, Android Studio or any other platform to develop your Android apps and games. Best of luck!