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How To Save Money Fast Australia – Car, House, Holiday, Teen

In Australia there are many ways to save money fast for your new car, house or for a holiday. You can use these methods if you are teen also. Read through this article to know about 5 simple but effective ways to save money. These ways that I am going to tell you are relatively easy and you can incorporate these tips into your daily life. It will not be a surprise if you can save thousands of dollars in a year after following these tips. These ways are bit different from money making tips in Australia as they focus on saving and finally you can make money from saving. And as much as you can save, you can make your account fat! So save money to make money.

How To Save Money Fast Australia

How To Save Money Fast in Australia

Plan and Keep a record of your daily expenditure

You should plan your daily budget. You should also maintain a record of your daily expenditure. It will help you to spend according to your budget. It will also help you to stop buying items that cost more and are unhealthy too like soft drinks, fast food, etc. You will be able to keep a track about the items where you are spending more than what you should.

Check your grocery list

It will take just a few minutes to prepare and check your grocery list. It will help you to understand your need and buy accordingly. Without a list you may end up buying food items that may be thrown away without being consumed. You may get attracted to food items that do not make up your meal. So prepare a list according to your priorities.

Keep your credit card at home

Credit card increases the chance of unnecessary shopping. So leave the card at home when you go for shopping. Just carry cash or debit card which will help you to restrict your shopping to whatever you actually require.

Have homemade lunch at work

Try and make homemade lunch that you can enjoy at your workplace. Homemade lunch will help you to curtail your expenditure on food. Restaurant food costs you fairly more than homemade food. It is healthy too.

Block the online shopping sites

If you have the tendency to browse for the online shopping sites (that are increasing your expenditure though online shopping), then block the shopping sites. You can unblock them when you are in a real need to shop something. Use the coupon codes for online shopping If you are unable to block the online shopping sites, just spend a few minutes to hunt for coupon code and the product name or the store you are trying to get to. It may help you to save around 20% or even more.

Go for the Store Brands

You can opt for store brands to change your preference for branded products. There is actually no big difference between the two. They can be qualitatively similar or even from the same factory. The manufacturing can also be similar. You will find difference in packaging but it is worthy to buy in order to save your budget.

Pay bills on time to avoid late fees

Do not forget to pay bills on time as late fees are really a burden. In case, it is the first time that you are charged with late fees of any of your bills, call that company and ask them gently to waive the ‘extra’ late fees. And determine that from the next time you should not forget to pay your utility or recurring bills on time. Some of the best ways to avoid late fees are to get organized with the payment of your regular bills and automate the process. You need to organize yourself. You can set the bills to be charged to your credit card or let them deducted from your checking account.

Do not be an impulsive buyer

Being a shopaholic is not bad but you need to be ready for some unnecessary spending. Check your impulse and control your buying items. Try to spend money on those things that are much needed.

Regulate your use of electricity

Use of electricity is another factor that squeezes a good amount of money, if not checked. Remember to switch off fans, lights, and other electric appliances when you are not using them. Unplug TV and even your PC to save on electricity.

Eat home-made food

Try to eat home-made food. This will not only save your money but will also save your health from various types of diseases that are common in a habit of everyday eating out. I am not saying that you should not visit restaurants. You should definitely go, but visit once a week or twice a month!

Avoid credit cards that charge annual fee

Do not spend on paying the annual fees of credit cards. There are many credit cards that do not charge a single penny for their usage. So use the facilities of reward points and cash-back bonuses of those credit cards that will offer you fee-free usage.