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Windows 10 Release Date Australia, Upgrade Price, Features

Windows 10 has been officially announced by Microsoft, we shall see the release date in Australia, upgrade price and features. The new operating system Windows 10 will be available for PC, tablets and mobile phones this year 2015. Microsoft has worked in researched a lot to bring this new OS to the reality and they are hoping that the Windows 10 will be a huge success which takes on Apple’s OS X in PC version and Google’s Andoid Lollipop in mobile version.

Windows 10 Operating System in Australia

Some people ask why there is no Windows 9 and why Microsoft has jumped directly to Windows 10. This is because there are many third-party apps that checks which operating system you are using, and if Microsoft name name their upcoming OS as Windows 9 then the third-party apps may confuse it with the older operating system Windows 9X, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98. Also there is another theory that Microsoft believes Windows 10 is the new beginning for them similar to Apple OS X which was a new beginning for the Mac. So, you can expect more exciting features in next version of OS such as Windows 11, Windows 12, etc.

Windows 10 Release Date Australia

According to the official sources Windows 10 release date in Australia is 15 August 2015. Not that this is tentative date, we will publish the exact release date of Windows 10 in Australia once we get the information on consumer preview / technical preview launch day

Windows 10 Features

  1. Windows 10 will concentrate on touch UI more than ever
  2. Windows 10 will have new start menu, better than Windows 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  3. Windows 10 users can switch between virtual desktops, the old task switcher which was in Windows 8 will be completely removed
  4. Windows 10 will have a unique feature known as snap assist, you can use this feature to snap windows into tile windows and new screens
  5. In Windows 10 the command prompt will make use of keyboard shortcuts, that means you can now paste in your commands quickly
  6. Windows 7 the default view in Windows Explorer is the new home location which also has a share button keeping your social media active
  7. Windows 10 will have Continuum which will make the interface adapt according to the devices and situation, that means it can run smoothly on mobile (Lumia series, etc), tablet, desktop PC, laptop or on a hybrid PC, similar to a responsive design for a website
  8. Windows 10 will have the all new universal apps which will work on Windows phone also, the new Windows 10 tagline (motto) is one product family, one platform, one store
  9. Windows 10 can keep your personal and office (corporate) that are separately
  10. Windows 10 is now built-in with multi-factor authentication for more security
  11. Windows 10 will now have smoother animations which will also use lesser RAM
  12. Windows 10 can be now recovered with recovery disk more recently
  13. Windows 10 gaming performance has been enhanced to run PC games more smoothly
  14. There are much more exciting latest features in Windows 10 which will be posted in detail in this blog once the new operating system is released

Windows 10 Upgrade Price

  • Windows 10 full version will be available for free upgrade for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users
  • Note that this free upgrade is for the first year only and you can download Windows 10 from the official website once it is released (You will get separate product key / serial key / activation key)
  • For others the price will be finalized after the launch of Windows 10, the developer preview will be available for developers and webmasters (this will be beta version trail pack)
  • According to some sources the price structure may be based on yearly subscription to stop the piracy (pirated / highly compressed Windows 10 operating system)

Microsoft Windows 10 Videos

Note that the Microsoft Windows 10 release date Australia and upgrade price list for this new operating system will be updated in coming days, so bookmark this page and stay tuned.

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